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Some Comments on the 2/22/17 - Louisiana without Nepotism

While discussing the lavish spending for the LSP trip to San Diego for an awards ceremony, the topic of nepotism came up.  I remember once saying "Without nepotism on a large scale, the great sovereign State of Louisiana would slide off into the Gulf of Mexico!"

Another agency that spent lavishly on itself for a training seminar is the IRS.  Trey Gowdy had some pointed remarks on that event here:

You mentioned forced muslim indoctrination in Illinois public schools.  I find this very interesting in light of that State's generous religious liberty guarantees in its Constitution.

SECTION 3. RELIGIOUS FREEDOM The free exercise and enjoyment of religious profession and
worship, without discrimination, shall forever be guaranteed, and no person shall be denied any civil or
political right, privilege or capacity, on account of his religious opinions; but the liberty of conscience
hereby secured shall not be construed to dispense with oaths or affirmations, excuse acts of
licentiousness, or justify practices inconsistent with the peace or safety of the State. No person shall be
required to attend or support any ministry or place of worship against his consent, nor shall any
preference be given by law to any religious denomination or mode of worship.
(Source: Illinois Constitution.)

Note this language especially:  

No person shall be required to attend or support any ministry or place of worship against his consent

I think this is related to the issue of COMPULSORY attendance of public schools. For a history of compulsory attendance of public schools have a look at John Taylor Gatto's "The Ultimate History Lesson". The 5-video, 5-hour series covers a lot of General American History as well. This link should skip the 1st 17 minutes. If not, skip it manually. It's just the host blowing his own horn and is very tedious without being of any use, IMHO: Very interesting, informative and entertaining.

You mention Waco at one point. Here are some of my thoughts on Waco. The page has not been updated in a long time, so several links no longer work, but all my thoughts are still there:

California is letting Jerry Brown off the hook for the Oroville dam fiasco on the basis of Global Warming. Here are a few of my thoughts on that topic. Includes a quasi-humorous(?) summary:

Oh well, that is the sum total of my remarks for the 2/22/17 show.


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